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        Hello! Welcome to visit Baoji HengChuang metal products Co., Ltd.!
        Baoji HengChuang metal products Co., Ltd.

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        Baoji HengChuang metal products Co., Ltd., established in 2014, is located in Xuguang Industrial Park, Baoji hi tech Zone, China Titanium City.
        Titanium, nickel materials and alloy products production, processing of high-tech private enterprises. The company's main products are: titanium nickel bars, tubes, plates, forgings and a series of non-ferrous metal and alloy products; Ruthenium, iridium, iridium, tantalum, platinum and other coating of non-ferrous metal electrode manufacturing and sales.
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        Add:Baoji high tech Zone BaoTi road qinganbao
        Tel:0917-3667899 13571725396 E-mail:hengchuangjinshu@126.com
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